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Over 40 years from now, cholesterol is on the "black list" of foods to avoid. From the 70s' doctors and other nutrition experts urge us to stay far away from this nutrient to avoid riscontare unhealthy blood levels and prevent cardiovascular risks associated apparatus. Often, for example, we hear it said by many food experts and even by our doctor, "do not eat more than 2-3 eggs a week... But is this really necescary?

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Dry fruit

Consume a bit of dried nuts every day (no exaggeration, it only takes a handful) it protects against coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases and even obesity. To say this, there has been a study published in BMC Medicine and led a team of epidemiologists and public health experts from Imperial College London and the University of Science and Technology Norwegian.

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How to choose a nutritionist

In general, it is considers that the need to consult a nutritionist is just to lose weight. Nothing could be more wrong. Today more than ever, it is important to have a nutritionist at your side that will help you to shed light on the subject of food and health, which reveal to us the true and false on diets that now offer us everywhere, which accompany us in choosing healthier foods, and that will show us the most suitable diet for our needs but not focusing on caloric restriction on changes to our lifestyle.

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Dr. Lorenzo Bergami

Dr. Lorenzo Bergami, CEO Strategic Nutrition Center, Nutrizionista Strategico - Dottore Specialista in Scienze dell'Alimentazione e della Nutrizione Umana. Video esplicativo della passione per Nutrizione e Vita.

Come preparare il tuo IRONMAN?

Con David Colgan e Guido Pasqualini, qualificati per la competizione mondiale 2017 a Kona, Hawaii. Parte 2.

Evento Strategic Nutrition Center

Bevi e Mangia Sano, Bio e con Gusto e Vivi in modo attivo per farlo a lungo e con gioa. Un grandissimo ringraziamento a tutti coloro che sono intervenuti all'evento sul Well-Aging e sulla cucina salutare, specialmente ai partners (NaturaSi, Vetro, Siquri, Centro Dermatologico Negosanti ) che hanno contribuito con la loro professionalitá.


Davide Labanti

Ha grande professionalità, competenza, pazienza e disponibilità. Avere il suo supporto fa la differenza ed è un grande privilegio.

davide labanti

Davide Labanti


Paolo Ravagli

Persi 47 kg in 5 mesi....devo aggiungere altro? Si professionalitá, competenza, gentilezza e pazienza nell'esaudire tutte le mie domande e i mie dubbi. Numeri 1.

Marco Brunetti

Dopo quasi un anno mi sento di dire.... Se li avessi conosciuti prima!!! Professionalità e competenza.

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